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narrative memiliki pengertian yaitu ?
narrative is imaginary stories but sometimes narratives can be factual too 

PURPOSE  narrative text :
 tells about a story which can amuse to amuse, entertain and to deal with actual or various experience in different ways. Narrative always deal with some problems which lead to the climax and then turn into a solution to the problem.

The text structure of a narrative text:
Sets the scene, introduces participant
It can be a paragraph, a picture or opening chapter in which the narrator tells the audience about who is in the story (the character), when the story is taking place, and where the action is happening.
A crisis arises
It triggers the chain of events that influences what will happen in the story.
Sequence of eventsWhere the characters react to the complication
In which the characters finally solve the complication

Re - oreintation
is tell about complication and resolution

It provides comment or moral value on what have been learned from the story (optional paragraph).
The language feature:
Normally past tense but it may change immediately when dialogues appear (into Present Tense or Future Tense)
Use of material, verbal, mental process, relational process
Use of descriptive language ( a big empty house, the room is very large)
Use of time connectors (then, finally, first, next, once upon time, etc.)
Dialogue (direct sentence may be included)
The story may be sad ending or happy ending
The use of thinking verbs, feeling verbs, verbs of senses
(She felt hungry, she thought she was clever, she smelt something burning)
The use of saying verbs


- Focus on specific and individualized participants
- The use of material process (action verbs)
- The use of some behavioral and verbal process
- The use of relational and mental processes
- the use past tenses
- The use of temporal conjunctions and circumstances


is fabel : si kancil dan buaya 
legend  : nyi roro kidul
mitos   : tangkuban perahu 

example story

Long time ago in west java, there lived a woman named Dayang Sumbi. She lived alone and she was thirsting for a husband or a live-friend.
One day when quilting, her quilt fell off from her house. Then, she prayed to the God, “ If a man picks up my quilt, he will be my husband. If a woman, she will be my sister. “ Then, a male dog picked it up.
For keeping her words , so Dayang Sumbi got married to the dog and called him Tumang.
Dayang Sumbi gave a birth to a baby , named him Sangkuriang , but never tell him who was his father. One day, Sangkuriang was hunting with Tumang in the forest and he found nothing . He blamed Tumang for the failure and killed Tumang. When Dayang Sumbi knew that , she hit Sangkuriang’s head with a big spoon and expelled  him.
Many years later , the wandering Sangkuriang found a house in the forest, and old beautiful woman was in the house. The woman , Dayang Sumbi , recognized the adventurer as Sangkuriang . Sangkuriang forced her to marry him and she told that Sangkuriang had to build a vast boat for their honeymoon , just in one night.
In the night, Sangkuriang called his friends, ghosts and forest fairies to help him. Feared the boat to complete , Dayang  Sumbi asked some women in the nearby to help her. So, the women punched the grains with grains puncher to make noise which disturbed ghosts and the fairies.
The morning came before they completed the boat. The ghost and the fairies ran away , leaving sangkuriang . Then , he kicked away the boat to the downside , and it turned into a mountain , called Tangkuban Perahu means Downside Boat , which stood in the north of Bandung.

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